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Service Exchange

The mining, construction and logistics industries rely heavily on machinery and vehicles to operate. Machinery and vehicle downtime is an unavoidable part of the operation, whether it’s planned or unplanned.  When machineries and vehicles undergo downtime, they can cost a company a lot of money.  On average, around 80% of companies experience unexpected downtime.  Downtimes can cost a company more than just money.

Unplanned downtime caused by sub-standard propshaft parts and or poor service can derail construction schedules, mining quotas and delivery.  This downtime can have legal repercussions and may also affect your company’s reputation when it comes to prompt and reliable delivery.

These unexpected breakdowns can also endanger the site and everyone on it, resulting in damage to assets and even injuries (or worse).

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reduce downtime is to appoint a reputable company to carry out design, manufacture, balancing and repair of your propshafts.

It may be impractical and costly to remove all your existing propshafts.  Driveline Technologies is proud to introduce DLT Service Exchange.


1.  Client calls Driveline Technologies and requests a part giving us the part number

2.  Driveline Technologies confirms we have the part in stock

3.  Driveline Technologies delivers the part and collects the damaged part

4.  Driveline Technologies strips the damaged part and issues a quotations

5.  The client issues a purchase order

Covid-19 safety measures

All propshafts are sanitised before and after packaging.

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